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Airport names starting with B

Airport names starting with C

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Airport names starting with M

Airport names starting with N

Airport names starting with O

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Here are just a few of the airports listed.

Abresso Airport

Acañana Airport

Acañana Heliport

Acaricuara Airport

Acarigua Heliport

Accro Heliport

Achaguas Airport

Adamsfontein Airport

Aero 57 Airport

Aero Den Airport

Aero Farm Airport

Aeroatun Heliport

Aeroservicios Ranger Heliport

Aerosport Airport

Aerotécnica Heliport

Agats Airport

Agropecuaria Cuajarote Airport

Agropecuaria Gamma Airport

Agropecuaria Los Araguaneyes Airport

Agropecuaria San Francisco Airport

Agua Blanca Airport

Agua Blanca Airport

Agua Clara Airport

Agua Linda Airport

Aguaclara Airport

Aguasay Heliport

Alberta Airport

Albina Airport

Aldam Airport

Alfemar Airport

Algarrobo Airport

Algodonal Airport

Alldays (Greater Kuduland) Airport

Alldays Safaris Airport

Altagracia de Orituco Airport

Altamira Airport

Alto Ipare Heliport

Altona Airport

Alverstone Airfield

Amatikulu (Microlight) Airport

Amersfoort Airport

Amphitheatre Lodge Airport

Amsterdam Airport

Ana María Airport

Andalucía Airport

Andes Airport

Andrew's Field Airport

Anggi Airport

Aniversario Estra Airport

Antabare Airport

Anton Fourie Farm Airport

Apalapsili Airport

Apiay Airport

Appleby Airport

Apurito Airport

Aracay Abajo Airport

Araguanen Airport

Araguay Mujo Heliport

Arajuno Airport

Arapicos Airport

Arathusa Safari Lodge Airport

Araya Airport

Arbeitsgenot Airport

Arboletes Airport

Arekuna Airport

Arica Airport

Arichuna Airport

Aripao Heliport

Arismendi Airport

Arizona Airport

Arso Airport

Ascazubi Airport

Ashton Airport

Asisa (Alto Asisa) Airpòrt

Asita Airport

Askham Airport

Assegaay Bosch Game Lodge Airport

Ataco Airport

Augrabies Airport

Avarel Airport

Aviandina Heliport

Avila Heliport

Ayacucho Airport

Ayangue Airport

Ayapel Airport

Ayawasi Airport

Babahoyo North Airport

Babala Lodge Airport

Bade Airport

Bahau Airport

Bahia Cupica Airport

Bahía Negra Airport

Bajo Verde Airport

Baken Mine Airport

Balgres Heliport

Balikpapan Airport

Ballito Bay (Dophin Coast) Airport

Baltimore Airport

Banaina Airport

Banco Airport

Banco Verde Airport

Bancomara Heliport

Banda Airport, Kepulauan

Bandanaira Airport

Banyumas Airport

Baramita Airport

Barbosa Airport

Barkley East Airport

Barkley West Airport

Barranca De Upia Airport

Barrancas Heliport

Barranco Minas Airport

Barrancominas Airport

Barrange Airport

Barranquillita Airport

Bartica A Airport

Bartsrus Airport

Base Principal Celta Airport

Batavia Airport

Bateleur Airport

Batom Airport

Battlefields Airport

Batu Pahat Airport

Baures Airport

Baynesfield Estate Airport

Beestekraal Airport

Belen Airport

Belén De Inambú Airport

Bella Cruz - San Juan Airport

Bella Union Airport

Bella Vista Airport

Bello Horizonte Airport

Bells Bank Airport

Bemichi Airport

Bengkayang Airport

Benics Airport

Bentayan Airport

Berástegui Airport

Berau Airport

Bergtop Airport

Beringin Airport

Berlín Airport

Bernal Airport

Bernardo De Irigoyen Airport

Bethania Airport

Bethesda Road Airport

Beulah Airport

Bhejane Game Reserve Airport

Bizerta Airport

Blackie Swart Airport

Blanco Airport

Blesbokfontain Airport

Blue Mountain Valley Airport

Blyde Canyon Airport

Boalang Airport

Boca Anaro Airport

Boca de Uracoa Heliport

Bocas De Satinga Airport

Bocoa Querari Airport

Bocon Airport

Bokondini Airport

Boluca Airport

Bonwa Phala Airport

Boquemonte Airport

Borovaya Airfield

Bosluispan Airport

Bospoort Airport

Botopasi Airport

Botsalano Airport

Boulders Game Ranch 2 (Microlight) Airport

Boulders Game Ranch Airport

Braehead Airport

Brandfort Airport

Britstown Airport

Bronkhorstspruit Airport

Brosterlea Farm Airport

Brown's Landing Airport

Buena Fe Airport

Buena Vista Airport

Buena Vista del Caño Airport

Buena Vista del Caño Medio Airport

Buena Vista Heliport

Buenos Aires Airport

Buenos Aires Airport

Buenos Aires Airport

Buja Heliport

Buntok Airport

Buol Airport

Burnaby (Terminal) Heliport

Butterworth Airport

Caa Cati Airport

Cabimas Hilton Heliport

Cabo Marzo Airport

Cabuya Airport

Cachimbo Airport

Cachiporro Airport

Cacuri Airport

Cacurito Airport

Caicara de Maturín Heliport

Calamar Airport

Calenturitas Airport

Calicanto Airport

Calima Airport

Callejas Airport

Camani Airport

Camatagua Airport

Camden Airfield

Campo Alegre Airport

Campo Alegre Airport

Campo Capote Airport

Campo de Palma Airport

Campo Maior Airport

Canaima Airport

Canal Uno Heliport

Cananari Airport

Candilejas Airport

Cañita Mendera Airport

Caño Blanco Airport

Cano Coló Airport

Caño Garza Airport

Caño Grande Airport

Caño Iguana Sur Airport

Caño Lucas Airport

Caño Negro Airport

Caño Santo Airport

Capitán Alfredo Sierra Heliport

Capure Heliport

Caquetania Airport

Carabon Airport

Carbonero Airport

Caribe (Simón Bolívar Internacional) Heliport

Caripe Heliport

Caripito Heliport

Carltonville Airport

Carona Airport

Carrao Airport

Casacara Cayta Airport

Cascade Reservoir Private Strip

Castilla Central Airport

Casuarito Airport

Cathcart Airport

Caujarito Airport

Cavasa Airport

Cayoateri (Coyowateli) Airport

Cazorla Airport

Ceibana Airport

Central Bolívar Airport

Central Matilde Airport

Central Venezuela Airport

Centro Adm/Tivo Airport

Centro Lago I Heliport

Centro Miranda Heliport

Ceres Airport

Cerrejón Central Airport

Cerritos Airport

Cerro Bolívar Airport

Cerro Catedral Airport

Cerro De Piedra Airport

Cerro El Divorcio Heliport

Cerro El Escondido Heliport

Cerro Negro Heliport

Chajuraña Airport

Chambimbal Airport

Chaparalito Airport

Chaparrito Airport

Chapinero Airport

Chicoral - Estra Airport

Chinazón Airport

Chivapure Airport

Chivolo Airport

Chone Airport

Chorobobo Airport

Chucker Farm Airport

Ciénaga Airport

Cilacap Wulung Airport

Cinera Airport

Citrusdal Airport

Ciudad Yari Airport

Clan Airport

Clínica Avila Heliport

Coaque Airport

Coco de Mono Airport

Cocuiza Airport

Codazzi Airport

Codsa Airport

Colegial Airport

Colombaima Airport

Colonia Carmelo Peralta Airport

Comuneros Airport

Cookhouse Airport

Cordereño Airport

Corocito Airport

Coronel Bogado Airport

Corporación Venezolana de Televisión Heliport

Corral Nuevo Airport

Corral Viejo Airport

Coshiloateri Airport

Cotachachi Airport

Cotoprix Airport

Cristo Redentor Airport

Cruz Verde Airport

Cuartel Yaruro Airport

Cumachagua Airport

Cumaribo Airport

Cunaviche Airport

Curaray Airport

Currillo Airport

Curujujul Airport

Cusiana Airport

Dabra Airport

Darien Calima Airport

Darlington Dam Lodge Airport

Dasville Airport

De Aar Military Airport

De Doorns Airport

Delmas Airport

Delta 200 Airstrip

Devon Airport

Diamond Valley Airport

Dili Heliport

Dippiesfield Airport

Djumu-Djomoe Airport

Doña Bella Airport

Dordrecht Airport

Dos Mosquises Airport

Dr Juan Plate Airport

Drakensberg Gardens Airport

Drietabbetje Airport

Dumacita Airport

Dungun Airport

Dunnottar Airport

Dunphy Airport

Dzhalal Airport

Edenburg Airport

El Aceituno Airport

El Alcaravan Airport

El Algarrobo Airport

El Boral Airport

El Bosque Airport

El Caimán Airport

El Cairo Airport

El Cairo Airport

El Callao (El Perú) Airport

El Capitán Airport

El Carmen Airport

El Carmen Airport

El Carmen Airport

El Carrao Airport

El Cebruno Airport

El Cedral Airport

El Cedrito Airport

El Cenizo Airport

El Centro Airport

El Charco Airport

El Cimarrón Airport

El Convento Airport

El Coraje Airport

El Corozo Airport

El Danubio Airport

El Deshecho Airport

El Diamante Airport

El Diamante Airport

El Diamante Airport

El Diamante Airport

El Edén Airport

El Edén Airport

El Embrujo Airport

El Encantado Heliport

El Encanto Airport

El Escobal Airport

El Esfuerzo Airport

El Espinal Airport

El Espino Airport

El Esterero Airport

El Flagelo Airport

El Frío Airport

El Fuentero Airport

El Gavilán Airport

El Gilgal Airport

El Guayabo de Cojedes Airport

El Guayabx Airport

El Jabillal Airport

El Juncal Airport

El Lechozo Airport

El Limonar Airport

El Lucero de Apure Airport

El Lucero del Zulia Airport

El Mango Airport

El Marne Airport

El Medano Airport

El Merey Airport

El Milagro Airport

El Milagro Carabobo Airport

El Milagro Cojedes Airport

El Milagro Oeste Airport

El Milagro Sureste Airport

El Millanero Airport

El Mirador Airport

El Monasterio Airport

El Morichal Airport

El Moriche Airport

El Oasis Airport

El Pacífico Airport

El Paraíso Airport

El Paraíso Airport

El Paraiso Airport

El Paují Airport

El Piñal Airport

El Plateado Airport

El Porvenir Airport

El Porvenir Airport

El Prado Airport

El Progreso Airport

El Progreso Airport

El Pueblito Airport

El Recreo Airport

El Recreo Airport

El Recuerdo Airport

El Respiro Airport

El Rincón De Mucura Airport

El Rinconcito Airport

El Rocío Airport

El Rodeo Airport

El Rodeo Airport

El Rosario Airport

El Ruby Airport

El Samán de Apure Airport

El Samán de Barinas Airport

El Samán de Guárico Airport

El Santuario Airport

El Tambo Airport

El Tapón Airport

El Terrón Airport

El Toco Airport

El Tornillo Airport

El Triunfo Airport

El Vergel Airport

El Vergel Airport

El Viejo Carmen Airport

El Vigía Airport

El Viso Airport

El Yagual Airport

El Yavi Airport

El Zamuro Airport

Elborrego Airport

Elelim Airport

Elf Trinidad Airport

Eliza Island Airport

Elliot Airport

Emalamo Sanana Airport

Empujeca Airport

Enarotali Airport

Ensco III Heliport

Ensco IV Heliport

Ensco VI Heliport

Entrerios Airport

Erebastina Airport

Espino Airport

Estancia Coeyu Airport

Estancia Cunataí Airport

Estancia Herradura Airport

Estancia Lomas Airport

Estancia Trementina Airport

Estero Airport

Evander Landing Strip Airport

Evhelca Heliport

Ewer Airport

Fabal-Coal Airport

Facón Saldaña Airport

Fagotrans Airport

Fasca Main Base Airport

Fazenda Logradouro Vereda da Ponte Airport

Fazenda Porto Seguro Airport

Fazenda Ramalhete Airport

Finca Yacurito Airport

Flamingo Vlei Airport

Florida Heliport

Florida Hill Heliport

Forel Airport

Fox Bay Landing Strip

Frankfort Airport

Fuerte Olimpo Airport

Fumyteca Heliport

Fundación Layera Airport

Fundo la Marqueseña Airport

Fundo Santa María Airport

Galáctica Heliport

Gamarra Airport

Ganadería Airport

Ganadería Pedernales Airport

Ganspan Airport

Gaston Heliport

Gaviotas Airport

General Villamil Airport

Genting Airport

Germania Airport

Germania Airport

Gewayentana Airport

Gilgal Airport

Glen Grey Airport

Goose Green Airfield

Gran Roque Airport

Guacamayas Airport

Guachara Airport

Guadalaja Airport

Guaicarano Airport

Guale Airport

Guamal Airport

Guamito Airport

Guamitos Airport

Guamo - Asta Airport

Guanapalo Airport

Guanarito Airport

Guanay Airport

Guanayas Airport

Guarilaque Airport

Guasimal Airport

Guaviarito Airport

Guerima Airport

Guerima Airport

Guesipo Airport

Guiniquina Heliport

Guinulero Airport

Gunung Batin Airport

Hacienda Bella Vista Airport

Hacienda Carutal Airport

Hacienda El Caimito Airport

Hacienda El Oasis Airport

Hacienda El Paso Airport

Hacienda García Airport

Hacienda La Elvira Airport

Hacienda La Pastora Airport

Hacienda Las Lomas Airport

Hacienda San José Airport

Hacienda Santa Elena de Mirand Airport

Hacienda Santa Fé Airport

Hacienda Veracruz Airport

Haga Airfield

Halcones Airport

Haliwen Airport

Hartebeespoortdam Airport

Hato Aguaro Airport

Hato Altamira de Bolívar Airport

Hato Altamira de Monagas Airport

Hato De Opia Airport

Hato El Burro Airport

Hato El Caimán Airport

Hato El Carito Airport

Hato El Cujicito Airport

Hato El Gallo de Oro Airport

Hato El Porvenir Airport

Hato El Rosero Airport

Hato El Samán Airport

Hato El Sesenta Airport

Hato El Socorro Airport

Hato Guaribe Airport

Hato La Aurora Airport

Hato La Candelaria Airport

Hato La Chaconera Airport

Hato La Esperanza Airport

Hato la Guaca Airport

Hato La Laguna del Junco Airport

Hato La Lejanía Airport

Hato La Ponderosa Airport

Hato La Romereña Airport

Hato La Vergareña Airport

Hato Las Yeguas Airport

Hato Los Mamones Airport

Hato Los Pozos Airport

Hato Macolla Airport

Hato Mikitole Airport

Hato Puga Airport

Hato Rancho Alegre Airport

Hato Rancho Novillero Airport

Hato San Antonio Airport

Hato San Francisco Airport

Hato San Leonardo Airport

Hato Santa Clara Airport

Hato Servio Tulio Airport

Hato Urañon Airport

Hato Veladero Airport

Hato Viejo Airport

Hato Yavi Airport

Heliyasa Heliport

Herrera Airport

Hipilandia Airport

Holrivier Airport

Honduras Br Airport

Humansdorp Airport

Hunter (Morotai) Airport

Ibacaba Airport

Île d'Orléans Heliport

Illaga Airport

Ilu Airport

Inanwatan Airport

Indira Airport

Ingenio Incauca Airport

Ingenio Manuelita Airport

Ingenio Mayaguez Airport

Ingenio Providencia Airport

Ingenio Risaralda Airport

Ingwavuma Airport

Irho Airport

Isabel Maria Airport

Iscuande Airport

Isithebe Airport

Isla de Tigre Heliport

Isla Ratón Airport

Itala Airport

Jabalcón Airport

Jachal Airport

Jagersfontain Airport

Jama Airport

Jamaica Airport

Jansenville Airport

Jeroco Airport

Jibici Airport

Jipijapa Airport

Jobito Airport

John Weston Airport

Jose Heliport

Joubertina Airport

Jozini Airport

Juan Florencio Airport

Juan Mateo Airport

Juancho Airport

Jubany Airbase

Julia Carolina Airport

Junglaven Airport

Jurado Airport

Jurado Airport

Kagga Kamma Airport

Kalabahi Airport

Kamanaos Airport

Kamarata Airport

Kambuaya Airport

Kamur Airport

Kanarakuni Norte Airport

Kanarakuni Sur Airport

Kanaripo Airport

Karasabai Airport

Kareedouw Airport

Karimunjawa Airport

Karubaga Airport

Kavac Airport

Kebar Airport

Keisah Airport

Kelabakan Airport

Kelila Airport

Keluang Airport

Kenton on Sea Airport

Kepi Airport

Kerinici airport

Ketapang Airport


Kiman Airport

Kisar Airport

Kisaran Airport

Koffee Bay Airport

Kokonau Airport

Kokstad Airport

Kolaka Airport

Kon Airport

Kosibaai Airport

Kotabangun Airport

Kotamubagu Airport

Kourou airport

Kuala Kahaba Airport

Kuala Kerai Airport

Kuala Medamit Airport

Kuala Tungkal Airport

Kubuta Airport

Kwakwani Airport

Kwamalasoemoetoe Airport Airport

La .Estrella Airport

La Alcancía Airport

La Amalia Airport

La Arabia Airport

La Argentina Airport

La Arrobleda Airport

La Aurora Airport

La Barquereña Airport

La Base-Fumivalle Airport

La Bastilla Airport

La Batalla Airport

La Bendición Ramera Airport

La Blanquilla Airport

La Bramadora Airport

La Cabaña Airport

La Cabana Airport

La Cabana Airport

La Cabaña Airport

La Cacica Airport

La Calzada Airport

La Candela Airport

La Candelaria Airport

La Candelaria Airport

La Cantara Airport

La Carmelita Airport

La Carpeta Airport

La Cascajera Airport

La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba Airport

La Ceiba Airport

La Centella Airport

La Chapa Airport

La Cheka Airport

La Chorrera Airport

La Colina Airport

La Colonia Airport

La Concepción Heliport

La Concepción Airport

La Concordia Airport

La Culebra Airport

La Diana Airport

La Dilia Airport

La Diva Airport

La Envidia Airport

La Esmeralda Airport

La Esmeralda Airport

La Esmeralda Airport

La Esperanza Airport

La Esperanza Airport

La Esperanza Airport

La Esperanza Airport

La Estacada Airport

La Fabril Heliport

La Fe Airport

La Fe Airport

La Fe de Apure Airport

La Fe de Cojedes Airport

La Flora Airport

La Floresta Airport

La Florida Airport

La Garza Airport

La Gaviota Airport

La Gloria Airport

La Guacharaca Airport

La Guaira Airport

La Irlanda Airport

La Jagua De Ibir Airport

La Jaula Airport

La Ladera Heliport

La Libélula Airport

La Loma Airport

La Luna Airport

La Macarena Airport

La Macarena Airport

La Manga Airport

La Mansión Airport

La María Airport

La María Airport

La Matua Airport

La Mesa Airport

La Mona Airport

La Nena Cayta Airport

La Nevera Airport

La Opia Airport

La Palestina Airport

La Palestina Airport

La Palma Airport

La Paragua Airport

La Paz Airport

La Paz Airport

La Pista Airport

La Plata Airport

La Ponderosa Airport

La Ponderosa Airport

La Primavera Airport

La Primavera Airport

La Providencia Airport

La Realidad Airport

La Reforma Airport

La Reforma Airport

La Reforma Airport

La Rubiera Airport

La Tigra Airport

La Torta Airport

La Tortuga Punta Arena Airport

La Tortuga Punta Delgada Airport

La Trinidad De Amazonas Airport

La Trinidad De Apure Airport

La Trinidad de Barinas Airport

La Trinidad de Ferro Airport

La Union Airport

La Uribe Airport

La Vega Airport

La Venganza Airport

La Verdad Airport

La Victoria Airport

La Vieja Airport

La Vigía Oeste Airport

La Yagua Airport

La Yaguita Airport

La Ye Airport

La Yegua Airport

Labis Airport

Labuhan Bilik Airport

Ladouanie Airport

Lago Guanoco Heliport

Lagos Del Dorado Airport

Lagunillas Heliport

Lagunillas Airport

Lajitas Airport

Lamargas Heliport

Las Adjuntas Airport

Las Brisas Airport

Las Brisas Airport

Las Cañas Airport

Las Carmelitas de Apure Airport

Las Clavellinas Airport

Las Corobas Airport

Las Cruces Airport

Las Delicias Airport

Las Delicias Airport

Las Delicias Airport

Las Flores Airport

Las Garzas Airport

Las Gaviotas Airport

Las Gaviotas Airport

Las Guadalupes Airport

Las Juanas Airport

Las Lagunitas Airport

Las Majaguas Airport

Las Malvinas Airport

Las Mercedes Airport

Las Mercedes Capanaparo Airport

Las Nieves Airport

Las Palmeras Airport

Las Tapias Airport

Lasguabin Airport

Lavino Airport

Lavumisa Airport

Leguizamo Airport

Lereh Airport

Leticia Airport

Lewoleba Airport

Limoncocha Airport

Lipetsk Air Base

Lobatse Southeast Airport

Lohathla Military Airport

Loja Airport

Loma Azul Heliport

Londolozi Airport

Long Lama Airport

Long Mawang Airport

Lopez De Micay Airport

Los Aguacates Airport

Los Almendros Airport

Los Angele Airport

Los Arrecifes Airport

Los Bálticos Airport

Los Belseres Airport

Los Caballos Airport

Los Cabros Airport

Los Camorucos Airport

Los Cocos Airport

Los Conucos Airport

Los Feria Girón Airport

Los Gavanes Airport

Los Gemelos Dorados Airport

Los Indios Airport

Los Lajeros Airport

Los Malabares Airport

Los Mangos Airport

Los Milagros Airport

Los Mochuelos Airport

Los Monjes Airport

Los Morros Airport

Los Mulatos Airport

Los Oripopos Airport

Los Planes Airport

Los Quitasoles Airport

Los Sabanales Airport

Los Toros Airport

Los Venados Airport

Los Venados Airport

LTS Pulau Redang Airport

Luisa Airport

Lumid Pau Airport

Lumut Heliport

Lunyuk Airport


Mabaruma Airport

Macagua Airport

Macana Airport

Macanal Airport

Macanillal Airport

Machu Pichu Airport

Maclear Airport

Madaci Airport

Madimbo Airport

Mafeking Airport

Mafeking North Airport

Maguí Payán Airport

Majagua Airport

Majagual Airport

Majawa Airport

Majawana Airport

Makale Airport

Malabares Airport

Malamala West Airport

Maliana airport

Malili Airport

Malimpung Airport

Malinau Airport

Malinau Heliport

Malvinas Airport

Mamón Airport

Manapiare Airport

Manaure Airport

Mangole Airport, Falabisahaya

Mangunjaya Airport

Mantenimiento Del Via SRL Heliport

Mapire Airport

Mapiripan Airport

Maraca Airport

Marak Parak Airport

Mararey Airport

Margahayu Airport

Maríaangélica Airport

Marieta Airport

Marion Island Airport

Maripa Airport

Marisol Airport

Maroa Airport

Marueta Airport

Marurawana Airport

Masalembo Airport

Mata Airport

Mata Charo Airport

Mata de Agua Airport

Mata de Bárbara Airport

Mata de Caña Airport

Mata de Guama Airport

Mata De Plátano Airport

Mata de Turagua Airport

Mata Oscura Airport

Mata Palos Airport

Matenovillos Airport

Matthews Ridge Airport

Matupa Airport

Mavaca I Airport

Mavaca II Airport

Mawhishiña Airport

Mayobateli Airport

Mayorca Airport

Mayupa Airport

Mazeppa Bay Airport

Mbazwana Airport

McClain Farm Airport

Medano Alto Airport

Medina Airport

Melia Caribe Heliport

Meligan Airport

Mena Airport

Méndez Airport

Mene Grande Airport

Mene Grande Heliport

Menggala Airport

Menoreño Airport

Merdei Airport

Merecure Airport

Meridi Airport

Merlo Airport

Messina Airport

Midway Eastern Island Airfield

Mikuski Airport

Mile 100 Airport

Millan Airport

Mindiptana Airport

Miquelon Airport

Miramar Con Mines Heliport

Miriti Airport

Misión Padamo Airport

Moanamani Airport

Molteno Airport

Monfort Airport

Monkey Mountain Airport

Monte Grande Airport

Monteliban Airport

Montellano Airport

Monterrey Airport

Monterrey Airport

Montrose Airport

Mooivlei Airport

Morelia Airport

Morichal Airport

Morichal Papanagu Airport

Moriche Airport

Morichito II Airport

Morichitos Airport

Mosquera Airport

Mostyn Airport

Motatan II Heliport

Muara Wahau Airport

Muelle B. Uracoa Heliport

Muelle Seco Heliport

Muko Muko Airport

Mulatos Airport

Mulia Airport

Mundo Nuevo Airport

Murindo Airport

Mutata Airport

Muting Airport

Muzo Airport

Naikliu Airport

Namlea Airport

Namrole Airport

Nangoh Airport

Naryn Northeast Airport

Natalia Airport

Navan Bearbrook Airport

Nederland Airport

Neiva York Airport

New Amsterdam Airport

New Hanover Airport

New Largo Airport

New Scotland Airport

Ngala Airport

Nieuwoudtville Airfield

Nongoma Airport

Nuestra Señora del Socorro Airport

Nueva Fortuna Airport

Nueva Granada Airport

Nueva York Airport

Nunchia Airport

Obano Airport

Ocamo Airport

Odendaalsrus Airport

Oesman Sadik Airport, Labuha

Ogle Airport

Ojo de Agua Airport

Okaba Airport

Oksibil Airport

Oreganal Airport

Ottosdal Airport

Ouanary Airport

Paarl East Airport

Pacicuchero Airport

Pacoa Airport

Pacu Airport

Padhameleda Airport

Pajonales Airport

Palanquero Airport

Palma Rosa Airport

Palma Sola Airport

Palmar De Oriente Airport

Palmarito Airport

Palmas Del Casana Airport

Palmasola Airport

Palobamba Heliport

Pamol Airport

Pandewan Airport

Papunagu Airport

Paradise Beach Airport

Paramudu Airport

Parapat Airport

Paratebueno Airport

Pariaguán Airport

Parima Airport

Parque Central Heliport

Paruma Airport

Parupa Airport

Payán Airport

Payo Airport

Pebble Island Landing Strip

Pedeca Heliport

Pedernales Airport

Pedraza La Vieja Airport

Pedro Carbo Airport

Pelabuhan Ratu Airport

Pelayo Airport

Pematang Siantar

Pendare Airport

Pensilvania Airport

Pepsicola Heliport

Perai Tepuy Airport

Pesurca Airport

Petit Airport

Petriba(Guayabal) Airport

Petrolea Airport

Philippolis Airport

Phuthadijhaba Airport

Piedra Ñi Airport

Pilar Airport

Pinoquia Airport

Piracuara Airport

Piscuri Airport

Pista Larga Airport

Pizarro Airport

Planadas Airport

Planeta Rica Airport

Planta de Vapor HH-8 Heliport

Planta Lagogas I Heliport

Planta Lama Heliport

Planta Procesos la Paz Heliport

Planta Procesos Mara Heliport

Planta Sidor Heliport

Planta Sisor I Heliport

Planta Sisor II Heliport

Planta Sisor III Heliport

Platanal Airport

Playa Pintada Airport

Polonia Airport

Pomala Airport

Ponggaluku Airport

Pontiac Airpark

Pore Airport

Pororó Airport

Port San Carlos Landing Strip

Portugalito Airport

Posorja Airport

Posorja Heliport

Potgietersrus Airport

Potrerito Airport

Praga Airport

Pretoria Central Heliport

Primero De Mayo Airport

Prosomaca Heliport

Protinal Heliport

Providencia Airport

Pueblo Nuevo Heliport

Puerto Abente Airport

Puerto Alegre Airport

Puerto Alvira Airport

Puerto Boqueron Airport

Puerto Boyacá Airport

Puerto Calera Airport

Puerto Estrella Airport

Puerto Guaraní Airport

Puerto Itapucu Airport

Puerto La Esperanza Airport

Puerto La Victoria Airport

Puerto Leda Airport

Puerto Lleras Airport

Puerto López Airport

Puerto Max Airport

Puerto Michi Airport

Puerto Paez

Puerto Perales Airport

Puerto Rico Airport

Puerto Rico Airport

Puerto Risso Airport

Puerto Wlches Airport

Pulau Panjang Airport

Pulau Panjang Airport

Puna Airport

Punta de Mata Airport

Punta de Oro Airport

Punta de Palma Heliport

Punta De Vacas Airport

Punta Diablito Heliport

Punta Gorda Airport

Punto Fijo Airport

Purwokerto Airport

Putumayo Airport

Quebraditas Airport

Quevedo North Airport

Quiriquiri Heliport

Ranch Motel Airport

Rancho Ae Airport

Rancho Alegre Airport

Rancho Grande Airport

Rancho Grande de Apure Airport

Rancho Grande de Táchira Airport

Rancho Nare Airport

Rancho Pando Airport

Raudales de Danta Airport

Raulera Heliport

Remedios C Airport

Resistencia (City) Airport

Riberalta Airport

Richmond Airport

Riecito Airport

Rigo Heliport

Río Chico (Club Miami)

Río Hacha Airport

Rio Paila Airport

Rivadavia Airport

Riverview Airport

Roblecito Airport

Rokot Airport

Rokot Airport

Rondón Airport

Rooiberg Airport

Rosario Airport

Rosetta Airport

Rote Airport

Roti Airport

Roy Cove Landing Strip

Rurenabaque Airport

Sabana Dulce Airport

Sabanalarga Airport

Sabaneta Airport

Sabaneta Airport

Sabi Sabi Airport

Sala 77 Airport

Salar De Cauchari Airport

San Agustín Airport

San Antonio Airport

San Antonio De Amazonas Airport

San Antonio De Barinas Airport

San Antonio De Falcon Airport

San Antonio de Maturín Heliport

San Benito Airport

San Carlos Airport

San Carlos Airport

San Carlos Río Negro Airport

San Carlos-Planas Airport

San Cosme y Damian Airport

San Diego Airport

San Felipe Airport

San Felix Airport

San Fernando de Atabapo Airport

San Fernandof Airport

San Francisco Heliport

San Francisco Airport

San Francisco De Carabobo Airport

San Francisco de Mérida Airport

San Gerardo Airport

San Gerardo Airport

San Germán Airport

San Ignacio Airport

San Isidro Airport

San Jacinto Airport

San Javier Airport

San Jerónimo Airport

San José Airport

San José de Kayama Airport

San José De Ocune Airport

San José de Río Cuao Airport

San José Mulatos Airport

San Juan de los Cayos Airport

San Juan De Río Claro Airport

San Juan De Uraba Airport

San Juan Del César Airport

San Juan Del César Airport

San Juanito Airport

San Leonardo Airport

San Lorenzo De Barinas Airport

San Lorenzo De Falcón Airport

San Luis Airport

San Luis Airport

San Luis Capanaparo Airport

San Luis De Airport

San Luis De Paca Airport

San Luis De Palenque Airport

San Marcos Airport

San Marino Airport

San Martin Airport

San Martin Airport

San Miguel Airport

San Miguel Airport

San Pablo - Incora Airport

San Pablo Airport

San Pablo Airport

San Pablo Airport

San Pablo Airport

San Pablo Airport

San Pablo De Barinas Airport

San Pablo Paeño Airport

San Pancracio Airport

San Pedro Airport

San Pedro de Adawaña Airport

San Pedro De Jagua Airport

San Pedro De Urabá Airport

San Ramón Airport

San Roque Airport

San Silvestre Airport

San Simón de Cocuy Airport

San Vicente Airport

San Vicente Airport

Sanggata Airport

Sangir Airport

Sangkulirang Airport

Sani Pass Airport

Santa Ana Airport

Santa Ana Airport

Santa Ana Airport

Santa Bárbara Airport

Santa Bárbara Airport

Santa Bárbara Airport

Santa Bárbara del Amazonas Airport

Santa Catalina Airport

Santa Clara Airport

Santa Clara Airport

Santa Elena de Río Claro Airport

Santa Helena De Upia Airport

Santa Isabel Airport

Santa Isabel Airport

Santa Juana Airport

Santa Lucía Airport

Santa Lucía Airport

Santa Maria Airport

Santa María de Erebato Airport

Santa María La Tigra Airport

Santa Mónica Airport

Santa Rita Airport

Santa Rita Airport

Santa Rita Airport

Santa Rita, Ituango Airport

Santa Rosa de Barinas Airport

Santa Rosa Del Sud Airport

Santa Rosalìa Airport

Santa Rosalía Airport

Santana Ramos Airport

Sardinas Airport

Sarmi Airport

Sawan Airport

Sawu Airport

Schmidtsdrif Airport

Scottburg Airport

Sea Lion Island Landing Strip

Senggeh Airport

Senggo Airport

Senipah Airport

Señorías Airport

Serui Airport

Servicentro (Electricidad de Caracas) Heliport

Seumayam Airport

Silampari Airport

Simaraboshe Airport

Sinai Airport

Singkawang Airport

Sipaliwini Airport

Sipitang Airport

Soceagro Airport

Solano Airport

Solita Airport

Somersveld Airport

Sonaña Airport

Sook Airport

Sopetran Airport

Spring Point Landing Strip

St Lucia Estuary

St. Anthony Airport

St. Leonard (Cyr) Airport

Stave Lake Airport

Ste-Anne-De-Sorel Airport

Ste-Croix Airport

Steeper Airport

Stenkol Airport

Sterkfontein Airport

Stewart Lake Airport

Steytlerville Airport

Stilbaal Airport

Stobart Creek Airport

Stockdale Landing Strip Airport

Stoelmanseiland Airport

Stokes Point Airport

Strandberg Creek Airport

Stratford Airport

Strathmore (Duke) Airport

Sturdee Airport

Sturdee Valley Airport

Sturgeon Falls Airport

Sturgeon Landing Airport

Sturt Point Airport

Stutterheim Airport

Suescun Airport

Sugimanuru Airport

Sun Valley Airfield

Sungai Tiang Airport

Sungei Patani Airport

Sungei Tekai Airport

Surabaya Airport

Swallow Reef Airstrip

Swartwater Highway Strip Airport

Sweetgrass Landing Airport

Tablón De Tamara Airport

Tabu Airport

Talas Airport

Talbot Lake Airport

Tama Tama Airport

Tamaca Airport

Tamarindo Airport

Tamatal Airport

Tamayare Airport

Tamga Airport

Tampa Padang Airport

Tanah Grogot Airport

Tanah Merah Airport

Tanda Tula Airport

Tapa Chicamocha Airport

Tapaquire Airport

Tapurucuara Airport

Taraira Airport

Tarqui Airport

Tatla Lake Airport

Tauramena Airport

Tavi Tavi Airport

Tebing Tinggi Airport

Tedderfield Air Park

Temblador Heliport

Tencuk Airport

Tenguel Airport

Tenqua Airport

Tentena Airport

Teresita Airport

Terrace Bay Airport

Tesalia Airport

Tetachuck Lake Airport

Teucali Airport

Teuku Cut Ali Airport

Thabazimbi Airport

Thorny Bush Game Lodge Airport

Thunder Lake Airport

Thunder River Airport

Thurston Lake Airport

Tibiri Airport

Tierra Blanca Airport

Tierra Negra Airport

Timbiqui Airport

Tinaquillo A Airport

Tintina (Conwest) Airport

Tío Bayo Airport

Tiom Airport

Tiquie Airport

Tobasia Airport

Tocomita Airport

Tocuyito Airport

Tokmok Airport

Toktogul Airport

Toky Airport

Toli Toli Airport

Tolwin Observatory Airport

Tomachipa Airport

Toromacho Airport

Torunos Airport

Tres Ríos Airport

Trial Airport

Trinity Bay Airport

Trompillos Airport

Trout Brook Airport

Trout Mountain Airport

Tucupido Airport

Tuktoyaktuk (Imperial) Airport

Tumbang Samba Airport

Tununuk Airport

Turagua Airport

Turapa Airport

Turen Airport

Twin Lakes Airport

Ubombo Ranches Airport

Ubrub Airport

Udelva Airport

Ugie Airport

Ulco Airport

Ullswater Airport

Ulu Tomani Airport

Ulusaba Airport

Umbría Airport

Underberg Airport

Unguia Airport

Unigas I Heliport

Upper Kent Airport

Uracoa Heliport

Uribe Airport

Urica Airport

Urra Airport

Uruyen Airport

Utikuma River Airport

Valemount Airport

Valle Grande Airport

Valle Hermoso Airport

Valle Hondo Airport

Vanggatfontein Airport

Vankleek Hill Airport

Vanscoy Airport

Varsovia Airport

Vastrap Airport

Vegas Del Rio Airport

Vencerámica La Victoria Heliport

Vencerámica Tejerías Heliport

Venecia De Guamas Airport

Venepal Airport

Ventaquemada Airport

Ventersdorp Airport

Venterstad Airport

Vigía Del Fuerte Airport

Villa Andrea Airport

Villa De Soto Airport

Villa del Rosario Airport

Villa Fátima Airport

Villa General Mitre Airport

Villa Gladys Airport

Villa Nueva Airport

Villa Oliva Airport

Villa Rey Airport

Villa Rosa Airport

Villanueva Airport

Villanueva Airport

Villiers Airport

Vista Hermosa Airport

Von Abo's Villa Airport

Vulcan (Mcdonald's Farm) Airport

Wacaricuara Airport

Wadi Seidna Air Base

Wadlin Tower Airport

Wageningen Airport Airport

Wagethe Airport

Wainambi Airport

Wakde Airport

Wakkerstroom Airport

Wallace Bay Airport

Wanana Airport

Waren Airport

Waris Airport

Warrenton Airport

Wasara Airport

Wasay Airport

Washabo Airport

Washademoak Airport

Washina Airport

Wasior Airport

Waterloo Airport

Webbwood Airport

Werenko Airport

West Baffin Island Airport

West Point Island Landing Strip

Whitecourt (Forestry) Heliport

Wichabai Airport

Wiebenville Airport

Wildhay Airport

Willow Creek Airport

Wingham Airport

Winisk Airport

Wolf Lake Airport

Worsley Airport

Woss Airport

Wousa Heliport

Wrong Lake Airport

Wuasa Airport

Yaguarito Airport

Yajanamateli Airport

Yalconia Airport

Yapima Airport

Yapu Airport

Yarbo Airport

Yari Airport

Yátaros De Meluá Airport

Yates Tower Airport

Yaure Airport

Yavarate Airport

Yellowknife (Aero Arctic) Heliport

Yocucual Heliport

Yopita Airport

Youngstown (E.C. Air) Airport

Yoyo Airport

Yuruf Airport

Yutaje Airport

Zapatoca Airport

Zaraza Airport