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Here are just a few of the airports listed.

1st District Police Station Heliport

2 X 4 Ranch Airport

3 Rivers Recreation Area Airport

4th Dist Police Station Heliport

9 Newsport Heliport

Abbott Heliport

Abie Sky Ranch Airport

Action Heliport

Adirondack Airpark Estates Airport

Adirondack Medical Center Heliport

Adobe Ranch Private Airport

Advance Machine Company Heliport

Aero Britton Airport

Aero Plantation Airport

Aero Tech Inc Airport

Aeroacres Airport

Ag Air Airport

Air Sailing Gliderport

Air-Wood Heliport

Airman Acres Airport

Ajax Airport

Akin and Akin Airport

Aknux Airport

Akron General Medical Center Heliport

Al's Due North Airport

Alaimo's Heliport

Albemarle Hospital Heliport

Albuquerque Regional Medical Center Heliport

Alexander County Airport

Alexander Farm Airport

Alexanders-Menlo Park Heliport

Alexandria Airport

Alliance Airport

Alloway Airfield

Als Landing Strip

Amanda Airport

Amch Heliport

American Cyanamid Linden Heliport

Amigos Del Cielo Airport

Amsterdam Airfield

Anderson Airport

Anderson Airport

Anderson Private Airport

Anderson Strip

Andings Landing Seaplane Base

Angle Bar M Airport

Anthonson Airport

Antique Acres Airpark

Apple Valley Airport

Apte Heliport

Arch Heliport

Archdale Meadows Airport

Arneytown Veteran's Cemetary Heliport

Arnold Airport

At&T Cedarbrook Heliport

Atrium At Somerset Heliport

Atwoods Heliport

Auburn Memorial Hospital Heliport

August Acres Airport

Aultman Hospital Heliport

Austin's Landing Heliport

Avian Country Estates Airport

B & W Metals Company Heliport

B I R Airport

B J Farms Airport

B.C. Air Airport

Back Achers Heliport

Bagwell Airport

Bailey Ranch Airport

Bair Airport

Bakers Landing Airport

Bakko Airstrip

Bald Mountain Airport

Bar E Airport

Barclaysville Field

Barker Creek Ranch Airstrip

Barrett Field

Barringer Field

Barton Lake Ranch Airport

Basher Field

Bass Aero Airport

Bastek Heliport

Battlefield Heliport

Bauer Pgi Airport

Baxter Strip

Bay Area Hospital Heliport

Bayway Refinery Heliport

Beach Ranch Airport

Beacon Star Antique Airfield

Beagle Sky Ranch Airport

Bear Creek Airport

Bear Pen Airport

Beaver Oaks Airport

Becker Personal Airport

Beckett Farm Airport

Behrens Airstrip

Bel-Aire Farms Heliport

Bell Ranch Headquarters Airport

Bell Ranch Waggoner Airport

Benedict Airpark

Benefis Healthcare Heliport

Bentley Heliport

Benton Field

Benton's Airfield

Berlin Station Lndg Strip

Bernadt Airport

Bernie's Airport

Berts Airport

Best Western Red Jacket Inn Heliport

Betsy Johnson Memorial Hospital Heliport

Bieber's Seaplane Base

Big Bar Heliport

Big Beaver Creek Ranch Airport

Big Island Airport

Big Sky Airport

Bilinski Airport

Billiebob Ultralightport

Biplane Ranch Airport

Birdland Airport

Birds Nest Heliport

Black Canyon Ranch Airport

Blackacre Farm Airport

Blackwater Airstrip

Bladen County Hospital Heliport

Blue Bird Airport

Blue Heron Airport

Blue Light Heliport

Blue Skies Farm Airport

Bluebird Airpark

Bluestem Airport

Blumenstetter Airport

Boatner Field

Bojax Ranch Airport

Boll Brothers Airstrip

Bombay Farms Airport

Boomerang Airport

Boone Inc Airport

Bost Ranch Airport

Bostrup's Landing Seaplane Base

Bouret Ranch Airport

Box Butte General Hospital Med-I-Port Heliport

Boyd Field

Boyle's Landing Airport

Braden Airpark

Bradford Field

Bradford Field Airport

Bradley Field

Bradley Field

Brands Airport

Braun's Airport

Breech Medical Center Heliport

Brevard Airport

Brickhouse Field

Briggs Airport

Brigham Heliport

Bristow Hospital Heliport

Broadwater Airport

Brokenstraw Airport

Brookfield Airpark

Brookline Airport

Brookville Hospital Heliport

Brown Field

Brown's Lakeside Landings Airport

Brownlee Heliport

Browns Airport

Bryn Airport

Buchanan Ranch Airport

Buena Vista Farm Airport

Buffalo Trail Ranch Strip

Bulick Field

Burlington Generating Station Heliport

Burrill Airport

Burris 'E' Ranch Airport

Burris E Station Airport

Bush Field

Butz Heliport

Buzzards Field

Buzzards Roost Airport

C and T Helistop

C.E.F. Airport

C.S.S. Heliport

Caas Airport

Calvada Meadows Airport

Calvert Peak STOLport

Camas Airport

Cambria Airport

Camco Ranch Airport

Campbell Ranch Airport

Canaan Air Base

Canaan's Field

Canadian River Ranch Airport

Candy Kitchen Ranch Airport

Canyon Springs Ranch Airport

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center Heliport

Capital Region Medical Center Heliport

Caputo Helistop

Car Country Heliport

Carcioppolo Field

Cardinal Glennon Heliport

Carlisle Barracks Heliport

Carnegie Municipal Hospital Heliport

Carroll's Airport

Carson Field

Carson-Tahoe Hospital Heliport

Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center Heliport

Carter Flight Park Ultralightport

Cary Airport

Casas Adobes Airpark

Castleberry Airport

Cavanaugh Airport

Caven Point Usar Center Heliport

Ccmh Heliport

Central Cascades Fire and EMS Heliport

Central Montana Hospital and Nursing Home Heliport

Central Valley Aviation Airport

Centre Airpark

Chadwick Airport

Chalfant Airport

Chama Land & Cattle Co. Airport

Channel 10/Wbns-Tv Heliport

Channel 8 Heliport

Chapman Memorial Field

Charles A. Cannon, Jr Memorial Hospital Heliport

Charles Field

Charles Wood Helipad Heliport

Checkpoint Charlie Airport

Chem-Fleur Helistop

Cheney Heliport

Cherokee Airpark

Cherokee Ranch Airport

Cherry Heliport

Cherry Hill Inn Heliport

Cherry Ridge Airport

Chickville Airport

Chiefs Hut Heliport

Children's Hospital -St Paul Heliport

Children's Hospital Heliport

Childress Airstrip

Chloride Airport

Choctaw Indian Hospital Heliport

Chopper One Heliport

Chowning Heliport

Christ Hospital Heliport

Ciba-Geigy Heliport

Circle K Ranch Airport

Circle L Ranch Airport

Circle Z Landing Strip

Circus Circus Heliport

City Hall Complex Heliport

City of Bridgeton Heliport

Ckye Field

Clarion Heliport

Clark Fork Valley Hospital Heliport

Claude I. Howard Heliport

Clavel Ranch Airport

Clearidge Airport

Cloud Nine Airport

Cloverdale Farm Airport

Cloverleaf-East Bemidji Airport

Coastal Systems Station Heliport

Coca Cola Airport

Colby Field

Cole Landing Zone Airport

Colgate Palmolive Heliport

Collinsville Rural Fire District Heliport

Columbia Aviation Heliport

Columbia Helicopters Heliport

Columbia Memorial Hospital Heliport

Columbus Heliport

Columbus Hospital Heliport

Comlantflt Heliport

Commonwealth Security Systems Heliport

Compressor Station 2207 Heliport

Concord Hospital Heliport

Conklin Airport

Connelly Field

Cooper Farm Airport

Cooper Medical Center Heliport

Copake Lake Seaplane Base

Cottontail Ranch Airport

Cottonwood Creek Ranch Airport

Couillard Seaplane Base

Country Club Air Park

Country Haven Airport

Countryman's Landing Strip

Cove Side Ranch Port Airport

Cow Chip Creek Heliport

Cowgill-Roemer Airport

Cox Airport

Coyle Field

Craven Regional Medical Center Heliport

Crowley Heliport

Cuatros Vientos Airport

Cubero Airport

Cuddihy Landing Strip

Curtis Airfield

Curtis Airport

Cushing Regional Hospital Heliport

Cutler Field

D C Helicopters Heliport

D M Stevenson Ranch Airport

D. A. Chandler Airport

D.W. Heliport

D'Amico Airport

Dahl Private Airport

Dakota Airport

Dalrymples Airport

Daniels Field

Darby Airport

Darr Field

Darst Heliport

Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Heliport

Dave Rice Ultralightport

Dave's Landing Seaplane Base

Davenport Airport

Davies Air Field

Davis Heliport

Dawn Patrol Aviation Airport

Dawson Mediport Heliport

Dayton Heliport

Deaconess Medical Center of Billings Inc Heliport

Dean Kamen Heliport

Dean Kamen Ii Heliport

Deborah Heart & Lung Center Heliport

Deck Airpark

Decker Ranch Airport

Deeds Field

Deepwater Station Heliport

Deer Run Airport

Deer Run Airport

Delta Air Base

Denton Airfield

Desert Creek Airport

Deters Farms Airport

Dewitt Heliport

Dick's Airport

Diebleys Airport

Dietz Airpark

Dillen Personal Airport

Dilse Private Airstrip

Dirt Dobber's Grass Strip

Disney Airport

District 9 Heliport

District Nr 8 Heliport

Dixie Valley Airport

Djs Airport

Dodge/Coppola/Wheeler Airport

Dog Iron Ranch Airport

Dogwood Canyon Heliport

Dogwood Farm Airport

Doms Heliport

Don's Airport

Donnelly's Airport

Donner Field

Doolittle Ranch Airport

Dorbrinski Airport

Dostal-Bradley Airport

Double V Ranch Airport

Douglas Community Hospital Heliport

Douglas County Hospital Heliport

Downsville Airport

Downtown Airpark

Dragonwings Heliport

Drake Airport

Dream Field

Dry Creek Airpark

Ds Butler Farm and Airfield

Dst Heliport

Du Bois Regional Medical Center Heliport

Du Fresne Airport

Dublin Field

Duflo Airport

Duke University North Heliport

Duncan Airport

Dunning Vineyards Airport

Durands Sky Ranch Airport

Dykstra Acreage Airport

Dynasty Farms Heliport

E T Field

Eab Plaza Heliport

Eagle Nest Ranch Airport

Eagle Nest Seaplane Base

Eagle Ridge Airport

Eagle's Landing Airport

Eagle's Roost Heliport

Eagles Lair Airport

Eagles Nest Airport

Eagles Nest Airport

East Arcade Airport

Eastern Long Island Heliport

Easton Field

Eastside Airport

Eden Ranch Airport

Edsall Field

Eibling Circle E Airport

Eickmeier Airport

Ekdahl Airport

El Toro Marine Corps Air Station

Eldorado Substation Heliport

Elk River Airport

Ellig Field

Elliotts Landing Airport

Elmwood Park Heliport

Ely Airport

Emergency Operations Center Heliport

Emh Regional Medical Center Heliport

Empire Farms Airport

Enfield-Shearin Airport

Engineers Airport

Enix Boys Airport

Enochville Airport

Entropy Airport

Erroport Airport

Esenada Airport

Essex Boatworks Seaplane Base

Etchart Field

Eu-Wish Airport

Eureka Municipal Airport

Evergreen Mtn. Heliport

Excalibur Hotel/Casino Heliport

Exeter Airport

Exeter Hospital Heliport

F.W. Zaloudek Airport

F&F Airpark Airport

Fabick Heliport

Fabick-Colmarile Heliport

Fairbank Farms Airport

Fairmont Field Airport

Fairways Airport

Faith Regional Health Services West Campus Heliport

Falcon Heliport

Falcon Station Heliport

Falk Private Airport

Fargher Airport

Farias Wheel Airport

Farpoint Airfield

Farr Airport

Faust Field Airport

Fedor Airport

Fehringer Aerodrome

Firefly Ranch Airfield

Firelands Community Hospital Nr 2 Heliport

First Aero Squadron Airpark

First Precinct Police Heliport

Fischer Private Airport

Fisher Scientific Heliport

Flanagan Field

Flathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport

Floyd Ranch Airport

Fly By Night Airport

Fly-A-Way Farm Airport

Flying Acres Airport

Flying Arrow Ranch Airport

Flying C Heliport

Flying D Ranch Airport

Flying E Airport

Flying H Airport

Flying H Skyport Airport

Flying K Bar J Ranch Airport

Flying K Ranch Airport

Flying M Aerodrome

Flying M Airport

Flying S Ranch Airport

Flying S Ranch Ultralightport

Flying Tom Airport

Flying Y Ranch Airport

Flying-N-Ranch Airport

Folsom Airport

Forbes Heliport

Ford Island Naval Auxiliary Landing Field

Ford's South Airport

Fordville Airport

Fort Harrison Army Airfield

Fort Hill Airport

Fort Ruby Ranch Airstrip

Foss Heliport

Fostaire Heliport

Foster Ranches Airport

Frampton Airport

Frank D. Comerford Airport

Franklin Regional Hospital Heliport

Free Spirit Airport

Freefall Field

Frei Private Airport

Frick Hospital & Community Health Center Heliport

Fricke Airport

Frigidaire Company Heliport

Frokjer Airport

Frontenac Airport

Fudpucker International Seaplane Base

G Bar F Ranch Airport

Gaines Valley Aviation Airport

Gajewski Field

Gallenstein Heliport

Galmey Heliport

Galway Airport

Gardner Airport

Garvins Heliport

Gasper Airport

Ge Management Development Institute Heliport

Gemini Heliport

General Electric R&D Center Heliport

General John J Pershing Memorial Hospital Heliport

Gensrich Airport

Gentzke Aeronautical Park Airport

George Washington Bridge Heliport

Georgeson Farm Strip

Gerker Airfield

Geske Airfield

Getty Avenue Lot Heliport

Gibraltar Heliport

Gila Regional Heliport

Gilbert Development Corp Heliport

Gilgenbach's Airport

Gillette Field

Gilmour Ag Air Airport

Glade STOLport

Glaser Airport

Goat Hill Airport

Goddard Ranch Airport

Gold Hill Airport

Golovin Airport

Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport

Good Samaritan Hospital Heliport

Good Shepherd Hospital Heliport

Gopher Gulch Airport

Gorby Ranch Airport

Gordon Brown Heliport

Gorman Airport

Gothenburg Memorial Hospital Heliport

Governor's Residence Heliport

Grace's Landing Airport

Grady Memorial Hospital Heliport

Graham Farm Airport

Graham's Landing Airport

Grammar Airport

Grand Forks Par Site Heliport

Grand Isle Airport

Grand Lake St Marys Seaplane Base

Grandcraft Landing Strip

Granite County Memorial Hospital Heliport

Grass Roots Airport

Gray Ranch Airport

Great Valley Airport

Greely Helipad Heliport

Greer Airport

Grieve Airport

Griswold Airport

Grohnke Field

Grover Airport

Grund Field

Gryder-Teague Airport

Guggenberger Airport

Gundys Airport

Gustafson Airport

H & H Aviation Service Inc. Heliport

H Bar H Airport

Hacienda Hotel Heliport

Hacienda Sur Luna Airport

Hackensack Medical Center Heliport

Hackettstown Airport

Hackettstown Community Hospital Heliport

Haddock Field

Hagen Airport

Hager Strip

Halifax Regional Medical Center Heliport

Hallelujah Field

Hammond Airport

Happy Mountain Airport

Happy Valley Airport

Harbor's in Heliport

Harchenko Industrial Airport

Hardin Memorial Hospital Heliport

Harris Hill Heliport

Harrison Airport

Harvey Point Defense Testing Activity Airport

Harvey'S Acres Airport

Hasskamp STOLport

Haven Wood Airport

Hawk's Nest Airport

Hawkins Ranch Airport

Hay Shakers Airport

Hazelglade Resort Seaplane Base

Healdsburg Municipal Airport

Heaton Airport

Hedditch Airport

Hedge Hop Field

Heitman Field

Heldeberg Airstrip

Hellinger Airport

Hemlock Field

Hemmingson Airport

Hendrick Landing Area Heliport

Hendrick Motorsports Heliport

Hendricks Field

Herberts Farm Airport

Heritage Airport

Hermitage Airport

Herr Brothers Airport

Hester Airport

Heussler Hamburg Heliport

Hi-Way Airport

Hiatt Airport

Hibbetts Airport

Hickory Acres Airport

Hickory Hollow Airport

Hidden Acres Farm Airport

High Lonesome Airport

Highland District Medical Heliport

Hill Top Private Airport

Hillcrest Airport

Hilltop Airport

Hilltop Heliport

Hillview Airstrip

Hiltner Airport

Hilty Field

Hinshaw (Greenacres) Airport

Hinton Field

Hissom Memorial Center Heliport

Hochstetler Airport

Hodges Farm Airport

Hoffmann Helicopters Heliport

Hoffmann-La Roche Inc Heliport

Hogan Airport

Hogan Airport

Holeman Field

Holen Aerial Spray Airstrip

Holiday Airport

Hollander's Heliport

Hollstein Ranch Airport

Holly Ridge/Topsail Island Airport

Holmansville Heliport

Holzman Airstrip

Home Heliport

Home-Base Airport

Homer Ranch Airport

Homestead Farms Airport

Hood River Fire Dept Heliport

Hooker Municipal Airport

Hoonah Seaplane Base

Hoopa Airport

Hop Brook Farm Airport

Horner Field

Horning Airport

Horseman Heliport

Horsham Valley Airways Inc Heliport

Horsley Airstrip

Hospital of Univ. of Pa Heliport

Hought Airstrip

Hovtown Heliport

Hq 78th Division Heliport

Hudson Airport

Hudson Farm West Heliport

Hudson's Strip

Huff Memorial Airport

Humann Private Airstrip

Humboldt Hospital Heliport

Hummel Airport

Humphries Rotordrome Airport

Hurlbut Field

Husky Haven Airport

I-L Ranch Airport

Ibm Fishkill Plant No. 2 Heliport

Ibm Mount Pleasant Heliport

Ibm Owego Heliport

Ibm Sommers Heliport

Ideal Mfg Corp Airport

Iff R & D Heliport

Ihs Hospital Heliport

Immanuel Medical Center Heliport

Imvite Airport

Indian Hill Resort Airport

Industrial Airpark

Ingram Private Airport

Inkster Airport

Innovis Health Heliport

Integris Baptist Medical Center Heliport

Intervale Airport

Irons Point Seaplane Base

Isle Private Airport

Ives Airport

J & M Farms Airport

J B Airport

Jackson Private Airport

Jacktown Airport

Jacob Gust Airport

James Henion Private Field

Jantzer Heliport

Jarrett Heliport

Jefco Skypark Airport

Jenkins Airport

Jennings Ranch Airport

Jensens Strip

Jenson Airport

Jerry Creek Airport

Jerry Phibbs Airport

Jersey Shore Airport

Jersey Shore Medical Center Heliport

Jim's Airstrip

Jims Airport

Jj & Pk Airport

John E. Rogers Airport

John Gonzales Field

Johnson Airport

Johnson Airstrip

Johnson Private Airport

Johnson Private Airstrip

Johnson Seaplane Base

Johnsons Aero Repair Airport

Johnston Airport

Jones Farm Field

Jorgensen's Landing Seaplane Base

Jpm Airport

Jubilee Heliport

Judy Ranch Airport

Judy Strip

Juniper Airport

Juntura Airport

Justover Field

K-D Field

Kaiser's Airstrip

Kalainov Private Airport

Kalispell Regional Hospital Heliport

Karpens Airport

Kastanek Airport

Kearns Airport

Kearny Helistop

Kecks Airport

Keelin Heliport

Keller Field

Kennel Airstrip

Ketchum Ranch Airport

Keysa Airport

King Airport

King Knoll Airport

Kingsdale Air Park

Kingston Airport

Kinzua Airport

Klas Channel 8 Heliport

Klies Air Strip

Kline Kill Airport

Knapp Personal Use Airport

Kneeland Airport

Knore Airport

Knowlesville Airport

Knox Airport

Knox's Private Airstrip

Kobelt Airport

Kobuk Airport

Koch's Personal Field

Kohles Airport

Koinzan Airport

Koke Airport

Kollar's Shoreview Marine Seaplane Base

Kollmeyer Airport

Kornkven Airstrip

Kraig Farms Airport

Krause Private Airport

Krqe Heliport

Krueger Airport

Krutz Airport

Ksa Orchards Airport

Kutztown Airport

Ky-3 Heliport

L. Seckerson Airstrip

L.J. Pankey Heliport

La Mesa Park Airport

La Pine Heliport

Lackerman Ranch Airport

Lafayette Airstrip

Laird Ranch Airport

Lake Fremont Seaplane Base

Lake Oroville Landing Area Seaplane Base

Lake Pulaski Seaplane Base

Lake Village Airport

Lakehill Airport

Lakeside Airport

Lakestone Farm Airport

Lakeview Airport

Lakeview Shock Incarceration Center Heliport

Lakeville Airport

Lancaster Heliport

Laneys Airport

Langhus Airstrip

Langton Airstrip

Lanker Airport

Lanning Ranch Airport

Larner Field

Larrabee Airport

Las Vegas Helicopters Heliport

Latrobe Hospital Heliport

Lawen Strip

Lazy-W Airport

Leavitt Airport

Lee Creek Airport

Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge Airport

Lee's Dogpatch Airport

Lee's Summit Heliport

Lehman Field

Leis Airport

Leo's Angus Ranch Airport

Lester E. Cox Medical Center North Heliport

Letzring Airport

Lewis Field

Lewis Landing Airport

Li Calzi Airport

Libby Heliport

Liberty Hall Heliport

Liesveld Airport

Lill Strip

Lima Memorial Hospital Heliport

Lincoln Park Airport

Lincoln Station Airport

Lincoln Tower Heliport

Lindemann Airport

Lindsey L.S. Airport

Lino Air Park

Linrud Airstrip

Little Falls Ems Heliport

Littleton Hospital Heliport

Livingston Memorial Hospital Heliport

Locke Lake Airport

Lockeridge Airport

Logan Plant Heliport

Logh Heliport

Logsdon Ranch Airport

Lonetree Airstrip

Long Island Airport

Long Lake /Helms Seaplane Base

Longs Airport North Airport

Longview Ranch Airport

Loons Nest Seaplane Base

Loseke Airstrip

Lower Creek Airport

Luetkenhaus Airport

Lumberton Airport

Luna Landing Airport

Lyons Field

Lyttle Airport

Lz 1 Nldc Heliport

M. Bodvig Airstrip

Maben Airport

Macks Heliport

Madison County Hospital Heliport

Madison Memorial Heliport

Magdalena Airport

Mahlon Sweet Field

Major Heliport

Malone Airport

Manzano-Mountain Air Ranch Airport

Maplewood Orchard Airport

Mar Bar L Farms Airport

Marcellus Airport

Marietta Memorial Hospital Heliport

Martens Stadium Heliport

Marvin Thiel Field

Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital Heliport

Marys River Ranch Airport

Mason Airfield

Massengill Airport

Massillon Community Hospital Heliport

Match Mate Airport

Matejka Field

Mather Heliport

Mathis Airport

Matthews Airport

Maus Marineland Seaplane Base

Maverick Heliport

May Creek Airport

May Ranch Airport

Mazama Timber Pad Heliport

Mc Ardle Airport

Mc Bride's Airport

Mc Caslin Airport

Mc Clain Field

Mc Crays Airport

Mc Donoughs Heliport

Mc Gee Strip

Mc Gill Airport

Mc Intosh Airport

Mc Kinney Field

Mc Kinnon Airpark

Mc Ville Airport

Mcdowell Hospital Heliport

Mckee Airport

Meader's Heliport

Meadow Brook Field

Meadstown Airstrip

Medcenter One Hospital Med-I-Port Heliport

Medflight Heliport

Medical Center Heliport

Medical Center Hospital Heliport

Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma Heliport

Medina Memorial Hospital Heliport

Memorial Hospital Heliport

Memorial Hospital Heliport

Memorial Medical Center Heliport

Mercy Health Center Heliport

Mercy Hospital Heliport

Mercy Hospital Heliport

Mercy Hospital Helistop

Mercy Memorial Health Center Heliport

Meridia Hillcrest Hospital Heliport

Merkle Airport

Merrimack Heliport

Merrymeeting Lake Seaplane Base

Merrys Pymatuning Airport

Mesmer Airport

Metlakatla Seaplane Base

Metro Field

Metzel Creek Airport

Mexico Airdrome Airport

Meyer Riverside Airpark

Meyers Heliport

Miami Valley Career Technology Center Airport

Michael Farm Airport

Mid-Coloumbia Fire & Rescue Heliport

Middle Hope Airport

Middletown Hospital Heliport

Midwest City Regional Hospital Heliport

Midwestern Heliport

Mifflintown Airport

Mildon Heliport

Miles Airport

Mill Creek Airport

Miller Air Park

Miller Airport

Miller Airstrip

Miller Brothers Airport

Miller Farm Airport

Miller Field

Millipore Heliport

Mindzak Airfield

Mineral County Hospital Heliport

Minerva Airport

Minnesota Valley Health Center Heliport

Miranda'S Skyranch Airport

Mission Field

Mission Hospitals Heliport

Missoula Unit Heliport

Missouri Delta Heliport

Mitchell Farms Airport

Mite Airport

Moab Heliport

Moen Airport

Moffet Airstrip

Mohawk Aviation Center Airport

Mollica Airport

Molly's Landing Heliport

Monarch Field

Monesmith Airport

Morehead City State Port Terminal Heliport

Moretz Riverside Landing Airport

Morgantown Airport

Morris Airport

Moser Airstrip

Mosquero Emergency Services Heliport

Mosquito Commission Headquarters Heliport

Mount Carmel Health Heliport

Mount Pleasant/Scottdale Airport

Mountain Top Airport

Mountain View Aerodrome

Mountain View Field

Mountain View Hospital Heliport

Mower Field

Mt Hope Airport

Mt View Heliport

Muddy Creek Airport

Mueller Airport

Mueller Field

Mulholland Airport

Munson Airport

Murphy-Sherwood Park Airport

Musiel Airport

Muskogee Community Hospital Heliport

Mutschler Field

Myrtle Creek Municipal Heliport

Mystic Bluffs Airport

Nace Family Airstrip

Nain Military Airport

Napier Ranch Airport

Nasa Crows Landing Airport

National Heliport

National Starch and Chemical County Heliport

Neals Airport

Neil's Sky Ranch Airport

Nellis Field

Nelson Airport

Nelson Airport

Nelson Lagoon Airport

Nemo Coal County Heliport

Neno International Airport

Nettie's Place Airport

Nev Fish & Game Reg III Headquarters Heliport

Nevada Dept of Wildlife State Headquarters Heliport

Neverland Airport

New Mexico Soaring Ranch Airport

Newberg Community Hospital Heliport

Newbold Island Heliport

Newport Meadows Seaplane Base

Niagara Falls Memorial Parking Ramp Heliport

Nielsen's Airport

Nine Mile Airport

Ninilchik Airport

NJ Hwy Auth-Admin Bldg Helispot

Nj Turnpike Authority Heliport

Nocarva Airport

Nolte Farms Airport

Nord Field

Norden Systems Heliport

Nordheim Flying K Airpark

North Country Pad Heliport

North Memorial Heliport

North Star Ranch Airport

Northeast Medical Center Heliport

Northeast Regional Medical Center Heliport

Northern Nevada Medical Center Heliport

Northfield Heliport

Northway Airport

Northwest Edmond Airport

Northwest Gas Division Elizabethtown Gas Heliport

Northwood Airport

Norway Airport

Novotny/Tonar Farms Airport

Nws Earle Heliport

Nws Helipad Heliport

Ny Arng Heliport

Ny State Police - Troop T Heliport

NYPD Air Operations (Floyd Bennett Field) Heliport

O'Bleness Memorial Hospital Heliport

O'Riley Airport

O'Toole Ranch Airport

Oak Hill Hospital Heliport

Oak Ridge Airport

Obannon Creek Aerodrome

Ochsner Heliport

Odot District Nr 1 Heliport

Ogallala Community Hospital Heliport

Oglesby Farms Inc Airport

Ohio Bldg Authority Heliport

Old Rhinebeck Airport

Olfert Airport

Olinger Airpark

Olson Airport

Olson Field

One Police Plaza Heliport

One Ten Heliport

Onondaga County Sheriff's Department Heliport

Orcas Island Airport

Oregon Sky Ranch Airport

Orr Field

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital Heliport

Ousel Falls Airport

Outer Banks Heliport

Oval Park Heliport

Owasco Airport

Oxbow Airport

Oxbow Heliport

Oxbow Ranch Airport

P & A Deptford Heliport

Pacemaker Heliport

Pake Airport

Palomino Airport

Papago Army Heliport

Paradise Airport

Paramounts Carowinds Heliport

Park Springs Airport

Parker's Landing Heliport

Paruszewski Farm Strip

Patterson Ranch Airport

Paul Airstrip

Pauls Valley State School Heliport

Pavek Personal Airport

Pay Jay Nr 1 Heliport

Pay Jay Nr 2 Heliport

Peaslees Airstrip

Pender Community Hospital Heliport

Penn's Landing Heliport

Penns Cave Airport

Perkiomen Valley Airport

Perry Memorial Hospital Heliport

Pester Airport

Petan Ranch Airport

Pete's Tractor Salvage Airport

Peterman Airport

Petersburg Airport

Peterson Airport

Peterson Airport

Peterson Ranch Airport

Pheasant Run Airport

Philbrick Private Airstrip

Picatinny Army Heliport

Pilot Creek Ranches Airport

Pine Grove Airport

Pine Lake Airport

Pine Valley Airport

Pinenut Airport

Pinetree Airpark

Piney Bend Airport

Piney Ridge Airport

Pinnacles Ranch Airport

Pitt County Memorial Hospital Heliport

Pixley Airport

Planevue Airport

Platte Valley Airport

Playas Air Strip

Pleasant Valley Airport

Poco Loco Airport

Polaks Sky Ranch Airport

Police Civic Center Heliport

Ponderosa Ranch Airport

Poolsbrook Aerodrome

Port Jervis Fire Department Heliport

Port Lions Airport

Port of Catoosa Heliport

Porter Airport

Potoczak Airport

Poverty Hollow Airport

Pow-Wow Seaplane Base

Prairie Ronde Airport

Precious Materials Heliport

Prescott Hill Heliport

Price's Dairy Airport

Private Sealanes-Jamaica Bay Seaplane Base

Propst Airport

Propst Airport

Propst Heliport

Providence Hospital Heliport

Providence Newberg Medical Center Heliport

Prudential Helistop

Prudential/Florham Park Heliport

Psnh Heliport

Pungo District Hospital Heliport

Punton Private Airport

Purcell Municipal Hospital Heliport

Quail Field

Quemado Airport

Quiet Acres Airport

Quist Seaplane Base

R J Bohn Armory Heliport

Rabbit Lane Airport

Raeford Rhyne Airpark

Rael Ranch Horse Pasture Airport

Rainbow Air Heliport

Rainier Heliport

Ramerth Airport

Ranch Strip

Rancho Magdalena Airport

Randall's Roost Airport

Ransome Heliport

Rataiczak Airport

Rau Field

Ravendale Airport

Ray Preston Airport

Ray Ranch Airport

Raylene Airport

Red Mountain Heliport

Red Rock Ranch Airport

Redfield Ag Strip

Reeder Airport

Refueling Pad Heliport

Regan Airstrip

Remington Heliport

Rempe Private Airport

Remsa/Care Flight Heliport

Remsen City Airport

Renavair Field

Research Belton Hospital Heliport

Rgnl West Medical Center Heliport

Rice Memorial Hospital Heliport

Rices Airpark

Richfield Airport

Richter Aero Airport

Ricketyback Field

Ridgefield Park Seaplane Base

Rieben Airport

Riley Brancus Ranch Heliport

Riley House Heliport

Ripplinger Strip

River Run Ranch Airport

Riverside Airport

Riverside Heliport

Riverview Airport

Rlb Heliport

Roan Airport

Roaring Springs Ranch Airport

Robbins Airport

Roberts Airport

Roberts Roost Airport

Robertson Field

Robertson Field

Robins Island South Heliport

Robinson Airport

Robinson Memorial Hospital Heliport

Rocking A Farm Airport

Rodeo Airport

Rogers Heliport

Rogue Valley Medical Center Heliport

Rolling Thunder Airport

Roppair Airport

Rosacker's Nr 1 Seaplane Base

Rosacker's Nr 2 Seaplane Base

Roscoes Airport

Rose Garden Heliport

Rosebud Airport

Rosenberg Airport

Ross Field

Ross Heliport

Roth Airport

Rothrock Field

Roy Lohse Airport

Ruff Airport

Ruhlin Heliport

Ruidoso Heliport

Russ Airport

Russell Airport

Rutter Airport

S and C Echelon Heliport

S.O.P. Airport

Sabbe Brothers Landing Strip

Sacred Heart General Hospital Heliport

Safe Air Seaplane Base

Safe Field

Safe Flight Instrument Corp. Heliport

Sage Ranch Airport

Sageeyah Airfield

Sakakawea Medical Center Heliport

Salem Airfield

Salem Hospital Heliport

Salem Lakefront Airport

Salisbury V.A. Medical Center Heliport

Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital Heliport

Sampson Regional Medical Center Heliport

Samuel L. Clemens Memorial Airport

San Miguel Ranch Airport

Sand Creek Wildlife Station Airport

Sand Ridge Airpark Inc Airport

Sanders Airport

Sanostee Airport

Saure Airport

Sauter Airport

Sce Mohave Generating Station Heliport

Scheibe Field

Schjeldrup Airport

Schneider Haven Airstrip

Schroeder Airport

Schutte Airport

Schuyler Airport

Schwenk Airport

Scott Park Heliport

Scottys Field

Seabrook Station Heliport

Sean Heliport

Seaside Heliport

Secrest Ranch Airport

Selby General Hospital Heliport

Sell Field

Seneca Emergency Airstrip

Seton Hall Heliport

Seventh Lake Seaplane Base

Shady Cove Airpark

Shadyside Health Education & Research Corp Heliport

Shaniko Cattle Airport

Shanklin Heliport

Sharondale Field

Sheeley's Farm Airport

Sheffield-Smith Airstrip

Shepard Airport

Sheraton Inn Heliport

Sheriff's Heliport

Shippensburg Airport

Shoestring Ranch Airport

Shootz Field

Showa Airport

Sieg's Farm Airport

Siegmanns Airport

Sierra Vista Hospital Heliport

Sikorski Ranch Airport

Silver Creek Airport

Silverwood Ultralightport

Simpson Airport

Simtag Farms Airport

Sioux Valley Hospital Heliport

Six Springs Ranch Airport

Sjrmc Heliport

Sky Haven Airpark/Sellmeyer Field

Sky Manor Airport

Sky Ranch Heliport

Sky-Ranch Airport

Skydive Oregon Airport

Skyland Airport

Skytop Airport

Skyview Airport

Skywagon Farm Airport

Sliker Strip

Smiling Jack Heliport

Smith Airstrip

Smith Farms Airport

Smith Field

Smith Private Airport

Snake Creek Wilderness Airport

Snider Creek Airport

Snow Field

Snyder Ranch Airport

Snyder's Lake Seaplane Base

Socorro General Hospital Heliport

Soldier Meadow Nr 1 Airport

Soldier Meadow Nr 2 Airport

Solo Ranch Airport

Someday Ranch Airport

Sourdough Island on Salmon Lake Heliport

South County Heliport

South Dayton Airport

South Oak Aerodrome

South River Airport

Southampton Village Heliport

Southard Field

Southeast Mo Hospital Heliport

Southern Adams County Heliport

Southern Nh Medical Center Heliport

Southern Ocean County Hospital Heliport

Southwell H.Q. Heliport

Soverel Park Heliport

Spanish Springs Airport

Speedway Heliport

Spencer Airport

Spillman Field

Spitzer Airport

Spring Creek Heliport

Spring Valley Farm Airport

Springfield Point Heliport

St Alexius Med-I-Port Heliport

St Aloisius Medical Center Heliport

St Benedict's Heliport

St Charles Hospital Heliport

St Charles Hospital Heliport

St Cloud Hospital Heliport

St Elizabeth Community Health Center Heliport

St Elizabeth Medical Center Heliport

St Francis Hospital Heliport

St Francis Medical Center Heliport

St John's Episcopal Hospital Heliport

St Johns College Helispot Heliport

St Joseph West Mesa Hospital Heliport

St Louis Children's Hospital Heliport

St Luke's Memorial Hospital Heliport

St Mary's Health Center Heliport

St Mary's Hospital Elevated Heliport

St Mary's Regional Medical Center Heliport

St Patrick Hospital Heliport

St Peter's Community Hospital Heliport

St Vincent Hospital & Medical Center Heliport

St Vincent Hospital Heliport

St Vincent Hospital Heliport

St. Ann's Heliport

St. Luke's Hospital Heliport

St. Luke's Solon Emergency Center Heliport

St. Rose Dominican Hospital Heliport

Stanton Airport

Stark Airport

Starns Auxiliary Airport

State Police Bloomfield Heliport

State Police Holmdel Helispot Heliport

Staten Island University Hospital Heliport

Station Thirty Heliport

Steck Farm Airport

Steeplechase Pier Heliport

Stewart Field

Stidham-Private Airport

Stilwell Memorial Hospital Heliport

Stinking Water Creek Airport

Stoltzfus Airfield

Stone Airport

Stone Harbor Golf Club Heliport

Stoneriver Airport

Stoney's Airport

Storseth Airstrip

Strader Ranch Airport

Strauch Field

Strizki Ultralightport

Stroud Hospital Heliport

Strutman Field

Stuart Mountain Airpark

Stuart Ranch Airport

Sudbeck Field

Sugar Branch Airport

Sulfur Airport

Sullivan Airstrip

Sunburst Ranch Airport

Sundance Meadows Airport

Sunday Creek Airpark

Sunnyside/Kirch Wildlife Mgmt Area Airport

Sunrise Airport

Sunset Strip

Superior Tours Heliport

Sutton Airport

Swan Field

Swank Airport

Swanson Field

Swanson Private Airport

Swanson Ranch 3 Airport

Sweetwater (USMC) Airport

Swenson Airport

Swigart Airport

Sycamore Hospital Heliport

T & A Land Development Heliport

Table Rock Airport

Tachenko Strip

Taildragger Airport

Taliaferro Field

Tallen Airport

Taos County Hospital Heliport

Taus River Ranch Airport

Taylor Johnson Airport

Ted Luark Private STOLport

Teed's Airport

Teeny Weeny Acres Airport

Temple Airport Inc Airport

Temple Heliport

Ten Mile Airport

Tequesquite Ranch Airport

Tesar Heliport

Teufel's Farm Strip

Texas County Memorial Hospital Heliport

Tezak's-Colterville-Spur Airport

Tgp-254 Heliport

Tgp-325 Heliport

The Gettysburg Hospital Heliport

The Green Trees Ranch Airport

The Landing Airport

The Pines Airport

Thermal G. Ranch Gliderport

Thomas Airport

Thomas Airport

Thomas E. Perdue Heliport

Thomas Ranch Airport

Thompson Field

Thompson Private Airport

Thomsen Airport

Three Rivers Healthcare Hospital Heliport

Three Rivers Ranch Airport

Three Valleys Ranch Heliport

Tilden Airport

Tli Heliport

Tom N' Jerry Airport

Topaz Ranch Heliport

Towner County Medical Center Heliport

Trapper Creek Strip

Traudt Airport

Travis Airport

Traynor Ranch Airport

Tri County Airways Airport

Trivelpiece Airport

Troop B. Headquarters Heliport

True North Airpark

Trump's Castle Heliport

Tuality Hospital Heliport

Tulsa Helicopters Inc. Heliport

Turbeville Airport

Turel Heliport

Turkey Track Airport

Turner Field

Turner Ridgeport Airport

Tusquitee Heliport

Tusquittee Landing Airport

Twin Oak Airport

Twin Pine Airport

Twin Rivers Regional Medical Center Heliport

U S Heliport

Ultraflyte, Inc Ultralightport

Ultralight Flight Farm Ultralightport

Umpleby Ranch Airport

Underwood Airport

United Telephone System Heliport

Unity Health Center Heliport

Univ of Medicine & Dentistry Rooftop Heliport

University Hospitals & Clinics Heliport

University Medical Center-Southern Nevada Heliport

University of Mn Hospitals & Clinics Heliport

University of Nm Hospital Heliport

V.A. Medical Center Heliport

Va Hospital Heliport

Va Medical Center Heliport

Valenty Mierek Airport

Valley Hospital Medical Center Heliport

Valley Medical Center Heliport

Valley View Airport

Van's Heliport

Vandahl Airport

Varns Farms Airport

Vasile Field

Venell Airport

Vensil Farms Airport

Ventosa Plantation Airport

Venture Aerodrome Airpark Nr 2 Ultralightport

Vermilion Township Heliport

Vernon Miller Private Airport

Vine Airport

Vineyard Airport

Vining Airport

Virgil Excavation Heliport

Voc Tech Airport

Voller Airport

W C Ranch STOLport

W.P.H.S. Heliport

Wagner International Airport

Walker Airport

Walker Field

Walls Airport

Walts Aerial Service Airport

Wandervogel Gliderport

Wapinitia Airport

Warbonnet Ag Strip

Ward Field

Warren Grove Range Airport

Warren Pietsch Airport

Warwick Municipal Airport

Washoe Medical Center Heliport

Waste Heliport

Watauga County Hospital Heliport

Waterbury Airport

Waterwood Heliport

Watts Landing Airport

Waxwing Airport

Waynes Air Service Airport

Wbtv Heliport

Weaver Airport

Weaver Airport

Weedpatch International Airport

Welstad Farms Airstrip

Wentworth-Douglass Heliport

Werner Airport

Werner Private Airport

West Buttercreek Airport

West Middlesex Airport

West Point Airport

West Wind Heliport

Westerlo Airport

Western Missouri Medical Center Heliport

Westheimer Air Park

Westmoreland Hospital Heliport

Weston Street Heliport

Wetumka Hospital Heliport

Whalen Heliport

Wharf Heliport

Whippet Field

White Birch Field

White Cloud Flying Field

White Sulphur Springs Ranger Station Heliport

Whitehorn Cove Airport

Whitehorse Ranch Airport

Whitewater Mesa Ranch Airport

Whitman Field

Whittaker Army Heliport

Wickson Heliport

Wigrich Airport

Wilcox Farm Airport

Wildhorse Valley Airport

Wilhelm Airstrip

Williams Airport

Williamson Airport

Wilson Ranch Airport

Windsock Village Airport

Wine Glass Ranch Airport

Winfield Manor Heliport

Winkle Bar Airport

Winn Airport

Winterwood Airport

Winthrop University Hospital Heliport

Wolf Mountain Airport

Wolf's Den Airport

Wood Strip

Woodfield Airpark Inc Airport

Woodlake Airport

Woodland Airstrip

Woodworth Airport

Woolf Brothers Airport

Workman Airpark

Wright Field

Wrnj Heliport

Wurtz Airport

Wxkw Heliport

Wyde Heliport

Wyeth Ayerst Heliport

Yellowbird Farm Airport

Yonder Airport

Yorks Field

Youngberg Ranch Airport

Yucca Airstrip

Zerbe Airport

Zim Airport

Zitone Airport

Zortman Airport